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Selection of Moroccan Accommodations

  • Riads, boutique hotels, guesthouses: the choice is yours!

When it comes to accommodation in Morocco, there’s something for everyone...from a palace in the palmeraie to a little family inn in the Atlas Mountains. There are few countries that offer so many options, and combinations of comfort, quality, and warm welcomes. To choose the Mamounia in Marrakech or the Gazelle d'Or in Tararoudant you probably won’t need us, but to locate the perfect riad in Essaouira, an inn in the Atlas, or a campsite in the Sahara, we are here for you! Below, you’ll find an incomplete (we can’t broadcast all our little gems) list of exceptional places, all intimate and unique. Thanks to many years of partnership, we have built strong friendships with the owners of these establishments and are happy to share them with you.
  • Places to Stay in the Atlas Mountains

Dar Si Hamou Inn, Ait Bougmez

 Dar Si Hamou - Photo 1  Dar Si Hamou - Photo 2  Dar Si Hamou - Photo 3
Price: 26 to 32 euros

Description: In the heart of the Ait Bougmez, a preserved valley in the High Central Atlas, this inn offers seven rooms with bathrooms and private toilet. A restaurant with a large central chimney for evenings. West facing terraces allow for maximal sun exposure. You have access to the kitchen at all hours of the day. 250 km from Marrakech, its location is ideal for a tour of the area on foot or on the back of a mule.

Expert Opinion: Neither quite an inn nor a guesthouse, Dar Si Hamou, allows you to immerse yourself in the Berber heartland while offering a level of service worthy of an inn. Hikes of all levels of difficulty can be undertaken from Dar Si Hamou: in the footsteps of the dinosaurs, accompanied by a guide native to the valley.
  • Places to Stay in Essaouira and on the Coast

Kasbah Tabelkoukt, Mirleft, Atlantic Coast

Kasbah Tabelkoukt - Photo 1 Kasbah Tabelkoukt - Photo 2 Kasbah Tabelkoukt - Photo 3
Price: 120 to 240 euros

Description: The southern Kasbah with a 360 degree view over the ocean offers seven themed suites, each with a chimney and terrace. All the suites look out over the sea and the pool. The Kasbah is a great place from which to explore the coast both north and south: for an excursion in the savage desert nature of the Anti-Atlas or to simply relax and bask in the hammam treatments or feast on the catch of the day!

Expert Opinion: What will hit you as soon as you arrive is the exceptional panorama over the Atlantic Ocean and the charm of this house surrounded by a castus garden. Add this to the comfort of their refined decorations and you have a winner! Summer by the pool or winter snuggling up to the chimney, all seasons are good for relaxing in this little paradise.

Dar Emotion, Essaouira

Dar Emotion - Photo 1 Dar Emotion - Photo 2 Dar Emotion - Photo 3
Price: 40 to 65 euros

Description: a charming little stone house at the doorstep of the city’s souks and boasting 5 rooms of cosy comfort. You’ll sample delicious family meals here, centred around fish, the city’s speciality.

Expert Opinion: Dar Emotion’s greatest asset is undeniably its owner Hervé. He has fallen under the spell of Essaouira and its locals and infects his clients with this same passion. He has renovated and furnished his riad with much taste, respecting local traditions and surrounding himself with a staff that pays the same kind of attention to detail as he does. Well situates removed yet still close from the medina’s many lively attractions, it is also only a few footsteps away from the harbour and the beach. An establishment with charm and heart...

Ksar Massa, Massa

Ksar Massa - Photo 1 Ksar Massa - Photo 2 Ksar Massa - Photo 3
Price: 128 to 300 euros

Description : Exceptionally located 45 km from Agadir, Ksar Massa faces the sea and lies in the heart of the Souss Massa natural reserve. Open all year long, it has 11 rooms, 1 villa and 7 apartments of 2 to 3 rooms. Ideal for lazing by the pool or on the white sand beach, or see to your well-being at the spa in its heated pool. Take a day trip to the nearby Massa bird sanctuary!

Notre Avis : A unique place, both chic and authentic. The sea stretches out as far as the eye can see. Be sure to take advantage of the sea and aquatic offerings with hydromassages and jets... Divine and refreshing! The sea breeze will take care of the rest!
  • Places to Stay in Fes

Dar Anebar, Fes

Dar Anebar - Photo 1 Dar Anebar - Photo 2 Dar Anebar - Photo 3
Price: 30 to 75 euros

Description : perfect location a few steps away from the famous Jamai Palace, the main souks and cultural and historical sites are all within easy reach. The welcome offered by the owner and his staff is particularly warm and meets the high Fassi standards. In an annex 5 metres from the main building a little restaurant has just opened that will be glad to provide the same warm greeting and comforts for a small price!

Expert Opinion: An enormous family mansion converted into a guesthouse, Dar Anebar has safeguarded all its authenticity. You are truly received as if in a home.

Ibn Battouta, Fes

Ibn Battouta - Photo 1 Ibn Battouta - Photo 2 Ibn Battouta - Photo 3
Price: 100 euros

Description: Close to the Batha Museum and the Bab Boujloud Gate, the Ibn Battouta riad is a magnificent restored residence where each of its 7 suites is themed after a period in the life of the famous traveller Ibn Battouta, through a décor that mixes the Orient and Occident. Take advantage of their traditional hammam, massage room, and the terraces where you can take your breakfast and meals. You can even meditate by the fountain in the grand patio...

Expert Opinion: Its’ excellent location will allow you to discover the many wonders of Fes’ medina by foot. The owner, Anass, is happy to give clients advice, which often proves to be invaluable. An expert when it comes to his native town, he’ll be able to recommend the best itineraries for you to also get to know the area around the imperial city at the foot of the Middle Atlas. Great communal dining with different meals every day that is strongly influenced by Fassi cuisine, the mother of Moroccan cuisine.
  • Places to Stay in Marrakech

Villa Nomade

Villa Nomade - Photo 1 Villa Nomade - Photo 2 Villa Nomade - Photo 3
Price: 140 to 330 euros

Description: One of Marrakech’s most beautiful riads. Renovated with passion and respect for local know how and materials, the Villa Nomade riad is a peaceful and intimate sanctuary in the middle of the medina. Nine rooms and three suites surround a shaded indoor patio in this palace where you will discover Marrakech the right way, authentic and refined. For your well-being, a pool and traditional hammam as well as a selection of massages and oriental treatments are on offer. Every afternoon, Moroccan mint tea is served on the terrace or in the salon. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of Moroccan treats: chicken pastilla, crisp briwates, sea bream fassia, Marrakchi tagine, fruit salad with orange blossom caramel…

Expert Opinion: A magnificent oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the medina. We love it for its distance from the tourist districts; it is located in a very authentic neighbourhood.

Les Deux Tours, Palmeraie

Les Deux Tours - Photo 1 Les Deux Tours - Photo 2 Les Deux Tours - Photo 3
Price: 100 euros

Description: Immersed in a domain of three hectares, with incredibly charming private houses, Andalusian gardens and water basins and fountains scattered about, Les Deux Tours is a hamlet or luxury in the heart of the palmeraie (palm grove). 9 small private pools and a beautiful larger swimming pool, and gardens of a thousand and one scents await your stay.

Expert Opinion: in the shade of a palm tree, in the middle of the vegetable garden, by the side of the pool or sitting by a fountain, here nature is in tune with the “Tuscan” architecture of the little villas spread out across the estate. Infinite charm and refinement is found at Les Deux Tours. On a romantic trip or with your family, this is an address where you can enjoy the pulsations of Marrakech and still come home to the calm and serenity of its palmeraie...

Riad Dollar des Sables, Medina

Riad Dollar des Sables - Photo 1 Riad Dollar des Sables - Photo 2 Riad Dollar des Sables - Photo 3
Price: 35 or 50 euros

Description: The Dollar des Sables riad and its six rooms are only two minutes away on foot from the famous Jemaa el Fnaa square, at the heart of the medina and its souks. An ideal base camp for exploring Marrakech’s old town, it also boasts a traditional wooden hammam at its clients’ disposal. The house was restored in a traditional fashion, its decoration, sober but warm respects the Marrakshi style.

Expert Opinion: A pretty and very well-kept house. Ideally located near Jemaa el Fna in a calm little derb (street/neighbourhood), the Dollar des Sables will help you discover the lively souks, monuments and entertainment surrounding it. A terrific value for your money, you can also sample its simple yet savoury cuisine.

Adama Appartments and Hotel, Marrakech

Adama Appart - Hôtel - Photo 1 Adama Appart - Hôtel - Photo 2 Adama Appart - Hôtel - Photo 3
Price: 30 to 75 euros

Description: The Adama residence is a collection of traditional homes and apartments gathered around a heated pool and an Andalusian garden. This new establishment is located only fifteen minutes away from Jemaa el Fnaa and the Marrakech international Airport. The comforts of a hotel (restaurant, bar, pool, kids club) and the freedom of a rental apartment!

The apartments from 70 to 110 square metres, all with fully equipped kitchens, dining room living room, satellite TV, private bathrooms, 1 to 3 bedrooms depending on your choice, and either a balcony or a terrace.

Expert Opinion: A new establishment with a one of a kind concept in Marrakech, its rental formula is ideal for families with children. They can take advantage of shared space and amenities or stay home and prepare their own meals, organize their own itineraries or laze away on the terrace. A shuttle is available to take clients to Marrakech and its souks! An earthen architecture contrasting happily with the modern interior offerings.
  • Places to Stay in Ouarzazate & Southern Morocco

Kasbah Timidarte, Agdz,the Draa Valley

Kasbah Timidarte - Photo 1 Kasbah Timidarte - Photo 2 Kasbah Timidarte - Photo 3
Price: 17 euros with half pension

Description: 15 km from Agdz, this lovely restored Kasbah offers 5 rooms and simple comforts. In the heart of an old adobe village, on the shores of the Draa Oued you’ll find here all the traditions of Southern Morocco: authentic regional gastronomy and a warm welcome from the owner!

Expert Opinion: When you stay in kasbah Timidart, your directly participating in the ambitious restoration of the earthen ksour of Timidart village. Every dirham spent on renting rooms furthers its reconstruction. Little by little, the bird builds its nest...There are over twenty houses that require changes, an ambitious but concrete project!

Camp de l'Oasis, 45 km east of Ouarzazate

Camp de l'Oasis - Photo 1 Camp de l'Oasis - Photo 2 Camp de l'Oasis - Photo 3
Price: 140 to 320 euros per tent with meals included

Description: What could be more surprising than finding in this isolated place a luxury campsite offering such luxury? The camp is made up of ten tents, well spaced out from one another, a restaurant under a Berber tent and a comfortable living room. Every room is a spacious khaïma, cosy and well furnished: rugs, armchairs, bookshelves, and two plush beds. Only 40 km from Ouarzazate.

Expert Opinion: An intimate and exclusive site in the middle of a mountain oasis, with a very high level of quality and comfort for the environment. This is a fantastic occasion to go on magnificent hikes through the neighbouring gardens and Kasbahs. Quality cuisine made exclusively of local products.

Camp du Désert, 40 km south of Tazzarine

Camp du désert - Photo 1 Camp du désert - Photo 2 Camp du désert - Photo 3
Price: 140 to 320 euros per tent with meals included

Description: This charming campsite is located south of the Jebel Sahro on the outskirts of the Sahara. It is made up of ten Caidal tents, in shades of black and white that harmonize perfectly with its natural surroundings. Every tent has two beds and is decorated beautifully. The campsite is lit by candles and lanterns and the staff is attentive but discreet: everything measure is taken to ensure you have an authentic desert experience.

Expert Opinion: The closest you’ll get to luxury in the desert. Every comfort you would expect (showers and restrooms!). Many hikes through the dunes and oasis of the surroundings.