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Day tours in Morocco

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You are already here or you only require a specific service to be done: a transfer from city to city, a guided tour of a medina, a daylong hike in the Atlas, the services of a competent and friendly guide perhaps? All you have to do is ask! We are at your disposal to fulfil any needs you may haves. Our Moroccan excursions will give you a taste of whichever region of the country you are interested in for a day with the utmost flexibility. All you need to is reserve your visit a few days ahead of time and that will do the trick! Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to offer almost any Moroccan day trip possible or imaginable. We offer you many ways to spend an unforgettable moment during your travels in Morocco based on your interests and your trip. We offer about twenty excursions, hikes and day activities in Morocco on our website, but we have many more tricks up our sleeves...

Take a look at some of our excursions in Morocco: :

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Hikes around Essaouira

During your stay in Marrakech, go for a day of ecotourism in Essaouira. From the breaches north of the city, go for an easy camel back tour between ocean and forest with a guide who will help you uncover all of the area's natural marvels. You'll ride along splendid landscapes of dunes and lagoons that are likely to be totally deserted… Starting at 51 euros for the day

Excursion in the Atlas

You love to hike and want to climb Mount Toubkal...but you're in a rush. We can organize the climb so that it lasts only two days and surround you with an experienced native team for less than 150 euros per person leaving from Marrakech.

Family Excursions

Your kids are bored of sightseeing? Choose to ride down the Atlas slopes on a scooter. Adrenaline rush guaranteed! No worries though, our guide knows how to adapt the descent to your pace. You cross Berber villages, and stop to take tea in a local home. A half day of fun and physical activity for 45 euros.

Excursions in Fes

You're in Fes and you love Moroccan food? Take advantage of one of our cooking workshops for an initiation into this classic cuisine. Unveil all the mysteries behind the preparation of ajines, pastillas, couscous, harira... A 65 euro day will finish with a feast featuring the meals that you've prepared!

Marrakech City Tour

A guided tour of Marrakech is not something you do on a whim. Between false guides and true con artists, excersising caution is a must. Minimize your risk of an unpleasant adventure by reserving a visit with one of our accredited guides. For less than 40 euros, avec nous, you will go much deeper in your discovery of Marrakech.

The Ouzoud Falls

You're in Morocco in the summer and the hotel pool isn't enough to keep cool? Book a day trip to the OUzoud Falls with us. Besides admiring one of Morocco's most sumptuous natural marvels, you can swim in pure fresh waters making their way down from the nearby peaks of the Atlas mountains. And all that for 35 euros.

Quad Bike in Marrakech

If you love motorsports, we have the excursion for you! Spend a half-day quad-biking in Marrakech's palmeraie. After a quick debrief, you'll set off on a forty kilometre trail. Il vous en coûtera au total 55 euros for the half day, this excursion can also be organized in the Atlas or outside of Ouarzazate.