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You love a rush of adrenaline and holidays lounging away by the side of a pool aren’t really your thing? Rest assured, we have just what you’re looking for. Our vast line of invigorating and athletic trips to Morocco will allow you to test your limits: intense treks in the Atlas, express Toubkal climb (or another mountain for that matter), white water kayaking or rafting, a desert adventure on a quad bike, dashing through a valley on a zip wires, mountain biking down mule trails, horseback riding on the Atlantic shoreline...your imagination is your only limit! You can even ride down a mountain on a scooter! In any case, our accredited Moroccan guides are not afraid of anything…they will be there to keep you on the right path! And once you’ve succeeded in your exploits, upon returning to the city, you’ll have more than enough time to dive into the pool! Consult our selection of adventure trips to Morocco:

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Essaouira Trekking

8 days hiking around the coast of Essaouira & 2 days in Marrakech


M’Goun Trekking

8 days tackling the M'Goun in one of Morocco’s most rugged regions


Trekking Ait Bougmez

8 days of moderate hiking through the Atlas in the Aït Bougmez Valleys


Sahara Family Walking Tour

8 days with your children exploring the dunes of Morocco’s Southern region

Trek in...

Trek in Southern Morocco

8 days and 7 nights across the splendid Moroccan desert


Toubkal Express

2 days and 1 night to climb North Africa’s highest mountain