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There are countless reasons to tour Morocco from atop a camel. This is not a travel option reserved for experienced camel riders! Explorations from the back of a camel and Moroccan safaris are accessible to all. This is a peaceful animal that patiently accepts being mounted, especially when they are well trained, which all of our camels are of course. The Moroccan Sahara is both an accessible and yet magnificent region to discover in this way. Tired of riding? No problem, just hop off and walk for a little! A camel safari is also a encounter with a nomadic population and the sharing of ancient traditions. Children won’t have any trouble as the saddles are equipped with a pommel to hold onto tightly! As a safety measure, the camels are tied together until travellers have proven that they can handle the animal autonomously. We organize camel safaris in the Draa Valley, around Merzouga and even on the Atlantic coast by Essaouira. Consult our list of camel back trips in Morocco.

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