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Our Guarantees for your Trip to Morocco

  • Online Payment

In order to offer our clients the best reliability and security possible, we have placed at your disposal a simple and ultra-secure online payment service.

The PAYBOX online payment system allows you to oversee you reservations and administer online payments. In accordance with our terms and conditions of sale, you will be able to make both your preliminary deposit and the totality of the remainder of your payment by the date specified in your contract employing this method.

The 3D secure protocol developed by Visa and MasterCard is now one of the safest protocols in the world, allowing banks to confirm that the card is indeed being held by the cardholder at the time of payment.

Of course if this option does not suit you, you can always opt to pay via a traditional bank transfer or by credit card by phone or fax.

Contact us for more information about methods of payment: Contact
  • Insurance for your Travels in Morocco

Our local agency cannot directly supply you with travel insurance; meanwhile, in order to better meet our clients’ needs, we have developed an agreement with the renowned European insurance company, GAN so that you can travel in Morocco without worry.

The travel insurance contracts offered by the GAN comply with our own terms and conditions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about about travel insurance.
  • Terms and Conditions of Sale

Morocco Like a Local is a commercial brand of Maroc sur Mesure. Billing and payments are made in their name.


They are indicated per person in Euros. The totality of the fees is communicated in the quote and is valid for two months.

Making a Reservation

Reservations with Morocco Like a Local can only be made in writing either through email with your local adviser or by fax. We ask that you be as specific and detailed as possible in your enquiry so that we can be most efficient in making your reservations. All reservations, in order to be confirmed, must be accompanied by a deposit amounting to 30% of the totality of the payments. 30 days from the planned arrival date, the rest of the payment is due. For all last minute reservations (less than 30 days from departure), reservations will only be confirmed after the totality of the payment is settled.
If the total price of your package does not exceed 150€, we will therefore charge the full amount.


Payments will be made by bank transfer or by online payment to our account after which a bill will be sent.


In the event of a cancellation, the following conditions apply:
  • 21 days or more until the departure date: 25% of the trip’s total cost
  • Between 20 and 10 days until the departure date: 50% of the trip’s total cost
  • Between 9 and 2 days until the departure date: 80% of the trip’s total cost
  • Less than 48 hours from the departure date: no refund possible
All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing (e-mail, letter or fax) with acknowledgment of receipt.


Morocco Like a Local does not organize flights. Because of this, no reimbursement can be asked of us in the event of delayed or cancelled flights.

Claims and Litigation

All complaints are to be sent by certified mail with proof of delivery. In the event of litigation, only the Marrakech Commercial Tribunal has jurisdiction.

Change Fees

Morocco Like a Local (Maroc sur Mesure) reserves the right to charge 50 euros for all changes to the program made after the reservation regardless of price differentials of the service.


Morocco Like a Local is not liable for any losses, accidents, illnesses or itinerary changes due to metrological conditions or any other factor outside the scope of its control.

Additional fees due to flight delays or cancellations will be covered by travellers.

All the information on www.morocco-like-a-local.com is the property of Morocco Like a Local and can be modified at its discretion. Morocco Like a Local reserves the right to modify or remove any information from the site.

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