El Jadida

El Jadida, “the Hamptons of Morocco”

El Jadida is the most obvious destination for travellers to Morocco who love the sea. Originally a fortress built in the 16th century by the Portuguese, now it is a tranquil fishing port with a unique medina. The beaches around El Jadida, particularly those of Haouzia and Sidi Bouzid, are known far and wide for their refreshing water and beauty!

The portuguese city

  • A walk along El Jadida’s oceanfront ramparts is simply stunning. Climb up its “chemin de ronde” or patrol path, by the Sacred Spirit bastion, above the porte de la mer (sea gate), and head to the tour de l’Ange (angel’s tower) where you’ll discover an incredible view over the city rooftops.
  • In the heart of the old city, two steps from the mosque and the church of Assumption, is the El Jadida’s famous Portuguese cistern. This sumptuous edifice was part of the Portuguese palace and is the only thing that remains of it. El Jadida owes its status as a UNESCO world heritage site in large part to this stunning site.

El Jadida’s surroundings

  • Investors were smart to choose El Jadida as the place to build Africa’s largest casino, open 24/7, considered a jewel along luxury hotels, the Mazagan Resort already has in international reputation!
  • From El Jadida follow the coastal road todards Safi: 7 km south, take advantage of the invigorating beach of Sidi Bouzid. Then take a small detour by Jorf-el-Lasfar: from the top of its yellow cliff or “cap blanc” the view over the Atlantic horizon is awe-inspiring.
  • El Jadida is an ideal base camp for discovering interior lands such as the plains of the Oum el Rbia oued and its eucalyptus forests. At the gates of the thousand kasbahs visit that of Boulaouane. Take the time to walk around the town’s ramparts and climb up the minaret, from here, you can soak in all the colours of the surrounding countryside


You can get to El Jadida by train from Casablanca (1 hour) and Rabat (2hours 30 minutes). You can also go by bus from Safi (2h), Essaouira (3h30), Marrakech (4h), and Agadir (7h).