Oualidia, “the sultan’s city”

On the shores of the Atlantic, Oualidia is totally charming. Hidden in the depths of a beautiful bay, this lovely lagoon is protected from the wind by a row of little islands. Surprisingly overlooked by the tourism industry, this is an ideal hub of relaxation. Visitors can swim on the beaches of Oualidia from April to October. An ideal trip for families! From the top of the city’s hill you can glimpse the remnants of the Sultan’s Kasbah built in the 17th century. Once you’ve seen Oualidia, continue down the coast for more seaside adventures!

Excursions around Oualidia

  • Go for a long walk along the fine sand beaches. This will allow you to fully enjoy the tranquillity of this stunning lagoon surrounded by cliffs. Beautiful moments of serenity on the Atlantic shore!
  • A venture out to sea is a great addition to any visit to Oualidia! It will allow you to discover the salt marshes and cross contrasting lands inhabited by very surprising marine birds.
  • Next, check out the surrounding oyster farms and treat yourself to a sampling of these as well as the other seafood to which Oualidia owes its fame!
  • Oualidia also happens to be a prized destination for water sports. If this sounds tempting head to Surfland! Managed by Laurent and his team, any age can learn to surf here!
  • For an even more intense change of scenery, take the coastal road towards Safi, which will take you though lands of startling contrasts! From market gardens to salt marshes, between desert and ocean, this is a land of improbable encounters between sheep, camels and flamingos.


Halfway between Safi (65km) and El Jadida (80km), the closest airport to Oualidia is that of Marrakech (200km). You can get to the city by train, bus or car.