The Plage Blanche

Morocco’s wildest beach

On the coastal road between Agadir and Tan-Tan, discover the longest and wildest beach Morocco has to offer. Lost in Saharan dunes and facing the Canary Islands, this heavenly site was named Playa Blanca by Spanish explorers. The region is home to all kinds of extraordinary landscapes, between ocean and desert, from mountains to oases.

The white beach is located in the heart of an ecological park of 250 square kilometres scattered throughout by many kasbahs of discrete charm. When travelling along the Atlantic shoreline, follow in the footsteps of the ancient nomadic caravans ever brimming with souks and surprising medinas. Besides fishermen’s shacks, a few restaurants or sahraouis campsites, the white beach is an untouched expanse of fine white sand. Meanwhile, its is a good idea to rush to take advantage of the tranquillity and virginal quality of the beach now because a huge resort construction is sadly in the works…

Along the coast from Agadir to Dakhla, surf and kite surfing sport are numerous and well-known to amateurs and professionals around the world. A number of commercials have been filmed on the Plage Blanche and its surrounding area, namely for all terrain vehicles. The beauty and layout of the site, indeed make it the perfect setting. It goes without saying that amateurs of 4WD excursions will drive to their heart’s content!

The Plage Blanche is located 250 kilometres south of Agadir and 170 kilometres from Tiznit.