Tangier, “the white city”

Looking out onto the Straight of Gibraltar, Tangier’s bay opens to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Tangier, “the City of Strangers” is Morocco’s great cosmopolitan crossroad, at the heart of the history of Mediterranean civilizations.

Since antiquity, the city has been coveted by many kingdoms and empires. As assault followed assault, Tangier’s heritage grew. Its present cultural wealth attracts visitors from around the world but also Moroccans seduced by its more temperate climate. Indeed, the region is perfect for travelling all year long: the temperatures never exceed 30°C in summer and float around 12°C in winter.

Visiting Tangier

There are many things to see both in Tangier and its surrounding area. We recommend you devote at least two days to exploring them all. If you want, you can hire one of our guides to help you discover all the secrets of the white city and the region around it.

  • Begin your visit of Tangier’s medina with the Grand Socco. You will be blown away by the show of colours, sounds and smells of its lively market. Don’t miss the Petit Socco only a few steps away that is a favoured spot for the sampling of local culinary specialties.
  • Climb up the Kasbah, the city’s main attraction that looms over the medina and offers a view as far as Spain and the Straight of Gibraltar.
  • Venture into the bar district that has earned Tangier its reputation as a nightlife capital. Go for a drink in one of the tapas bars or the typical English pubs.

Excursions around Tangier

  • Visit the Caves of Hercules, the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Take advantage of the 4 km of powder sand beaches that surround Tangier. Head for the eastern side of the bay where the beaches are calmer.
  • Tangier’s coastal road is a marvel. We can help you rent a car then you should drive towards Talâa Cherif, you won’t be disappointed!
  • Two festivals dominate the city’s cultural life, the Tanjazz, a jazz festival in June and the Tanja Latina, a Latino festival in November.

Access and Accommodation

  • The access is direct from Tangier’s airport. The city is a four hour drive (370 km) from Casablanca. We can organise your transfer between the two cities if you wish.
  • Be seduced by a guesthouse in Tangier’s medina. The Kasbah, the city’s oldest historic site is sure to charm. Many establishments with sunny terraces and fountains look over Tangier Bay and have been for centuries. We have all the best addresses for your stay in the White City.