Health advice

Do you need any travel vaccinations for Morocco?

Good news: if you’re travelling to the country from Europe you don’t need any vaccinations. However, you will want to pack a first aid kit in case any health issues arise while you’re there. Morocco has such a diverse climate that health risks vary by location. As a result, you will need to carefully consider what to include in your kit.

Although no vaccinations are required when travelling from Europe to Morocco, we do suggest that you make sure your general vaccination record is up-to-date. You could also choose to opt for a hepatitis A vaccination as this disease is transmitted through food. You may already be immune if your body has developed immunity on a previous trip. Check with your GP to be sure.

Want advice from a professional?

Morocco Like A Local is a member of the bynativ community. This brings together local travel agencies all around the world and offers extra services to support you throughout the whole travel process. If you choose Morocco Like A Local for your next trip to Morocco you will also benefit from these services! And health advice is included! bynativ has access to a doctor specialising in travel medicine and suggests that you read the Morocco health advice sheet at

Although you don’t need any vaccinations when travelling to Morocco from Europe, if you do have any health queries bynativ can put you in contact with Dr Adida. Simply send him an email:

Dr Adida is there to answer your questions and support you as you prepare to travel to Morocco. Once in Morocco, your travel adviser or insurance will look after your health needs.