Travel insurance

Morocco Like A Local gives you the opportunity to take out travel insurance for your Morocco trip so you can travel worry-free. Our Morocco agency does not provide travel insurance directly. However, we have an agreement with European insurer Assurinco which has the advantage of being linked to our own terms and conditions so you know it’s trustworthy and don’t have to worry.

How can you take out travel insurance for Morocco?

You can do this quickly and easily when you register online. After you speak to your local adviser you will be given access to your personal customer area on our website.

From here you can register online. During the registration process (Step 3 to be precise) you can choose whether or not to include travel insurance for your trip. This service will then be automatically added to your registration form and to the travel invoice you will be given when you pay your deposit.

What are the terms and what is covered?

You can learn more about the insurance terms and coverage by visiting your online customer area. They can also be downloaded here: Insurance terms and conditions

Do you need additional insurance?

Know exactly what level of coverage you have? At Morocco Like A Local we want your trip to go without a hitch and to support you all the way.

This is why we offer you the opportunity to do a free online bank card check to see what level of cover you already have, if any. To use this service, visit your personal online customer area. If you do not take out insurance when you register you will see a message offering you the chance to undertake a card check. All you need to do is enter your bank and card type. In just a few clicks you will be told your current coverage level (whether it includes theft, loss, medical expenses, repatriation, etc.) and if you need any additional insurance.