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2017 ...
  • photo témoignage voyage maroc Pierre

    Julie and Mark, June 2017, Australia

    Publish the 2 November 2017
    Hi Latifa, We are back in cold Melbourne again unfortunately. I just wanted to say thank you very much for organising our time in fabulous Morocco especially the change of arrangements while Julie was sick. I also wanted to say how fantastic Saad was as our driver and partial guide. He was most accommodating and cheerful and made us feel very comfortable and welcome. He also had lots of information along the way, so I highly recommend him for any tourists looking for a driver. Kind Regards, Mark
  • Matthias and Shanthi, April 2017, United Kingdom

    Publish the 30 August 2017
    Dear Sylvie, just a quick message to say a big thank You for organising such a fantastic trip for us. The suggested route and the riads/guest houses were absolutely exceptional and everything went extremely smoothly. Many thanks for your excellent work! Best wishes, Matthias and Shanthi
  • Manish and his family, March 2017, USA

    Publish the 4 May 2017
    Hi Sylvie, Trip went well and we had a great time in Morocco. Tariq (our driver) was great as well. We really enjoyed the accommodations as well. For the kids, sahara dessert and staying at the tent was the best part. We really liked the Riad in Marrakech and the lodge in Skoura. Thanks for the great trip. I have already recommended to my friends/colleagues and one of them will be contacting you for their trip. Thanks, Manish
  • Sarah and Jack, September 2015, United States

    Publish the 3 May 2017
    Hi Sylvie! This is Sarah from KY! My father, Jack and I had such a wonderful trip! You chose the perfect assortment of places for us to visit and stay in order for us to get a very FULL Moroccan experience! Thank you again for everything! I hope you and your son are well - and that you are enjoying the lavender spray! br/> Sincerely, Sarah
  • Robin and his father, May 2015, Holland

    Publish the 27 April 2017
    Hello Sylvie, It has been some weeks ago since me and my father did our tour through Morocco. Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time! The rental car, as well as the accomodations were all perfect. Shukran! With regards, Robin and Jan
  • Rob, Lynn, Suzie and Paul, March 2014, Australia

    Publish the 18 April 2017
    Good morning Assia, Just a quick email note to thank you for organising a wonderful tour of your fantastic country. We had an excellent time and we loved each and every hotel and Riad. I thoroughly enjoyed driving in Morocco and we had plenty of space for four adults and the luggage. The staff at each place were very helpful (especially the Riads). Just a couple of suggestions that we found might assist your other customers. 1. Our GPS failed a couple of days in to the journey and a paper back up map would have been very helpful to locate the hotels. A couple of the GPS co-ordinates were incorrect and some were in decimal and others were in deg/minutes/seconds. Our GPS didn’t allow deg/minues/seconds as an option. 2. Unfortunately Morocco has a habit of changing street names without warning and some of the street names were incorrect as well as some of the hotel names were incorrect. 3. Maps for each of the hotels would have been helpful. We loved our guides and your staff were also very helpful. Thanks again for providing us with a wonderful holiday in Morocco. Best regards, Rob, Lynn, Suzie and Paul
  • Bruce and Andy, July 2012, UK

    Publish the 21 March 2017
    Assia You arranged a perfect adventure for us and we had a wonderful holiday. Thank you. You live in a beautiful country, full of lovely people. We will come back soon. Bruce
  • Jodie, April 2012, UK

    Publish the 7 March 2017
    Hi Assia, We have arrived home and feel very sad that our holiday is over. I can not believe after all the planning and all of the emails that it is now ended. I do not know where to start in saying thank you. You have been amazing and we can not thank you enough for everything you did to make our holiday so special and so perfect. I have dealt with numerous travel companies in the past and your outstanding service stands out on every level. What was really reassuring was that when ever I emailed you was always so quick to reply and so accommodating. It was also very considerate of you to call during our travels, we felt very well looked after. The riads, guesthouses and hotels that you selected were all so beautiful and each one so different, I don't think I could pick out a favourite. One extra special place was Camp Nomad, WOW!!! The camp totally exceeded our expectations, we were treated liked royalty. We also ate like royalty, the amount of food and the quality of the food was out of this world. I don't think we have ever eaten so well and have certainly gained a few pounds in weight. And of course the staff there and not forgetting our driver Abdullah were also fantastic. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to them all. I can not speak highly enough of you and will always recommend you to friends that choose to go to Morocco. You are a huge asset to Morocco - Like a Local and you should be very proud. Take care and all the very best for the future. If we are lucky enough to return to Morocco one day I will be sure to contact you. Thank you a million times. Kind Regards
  • Phil and his wife, August 2011, Scotland

    Publish the 23 January 2017
    Hello, We have just returned from our stay in Morocco and wanted to thank you for the quality of the services that you provided us with. We loved the circuit, our accommodations, the kindness and availability of our driver Mohamed, who was also our guide, and the welcoming nature of the Moroccan people. Thank you again and see you next time, inch allah!
  • Isabel and her family, March 2011, France

    Publish the 23 January 2017
    Dear Nadia, As I told you already by phone, we insist upon letting you know how impressed we were by the quality of your organization and the services you provided us with during our stay. We receive incredibly warm welcomes everywhere that we went and very smooth proceedings (Ksar Massa and the private campsite). We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our guide, Hamid, who was perfect, our two drivers and the camp’s team, professional but charming. The only thing that wasn’t up to snuff was the “quality” of our meals outside of Ksar Massa and the Camp. We will certainly not neglect to recommend Morocco Like a Local to anyone planning a visit to your lovely country and we very much hope to return. Very cordially.
  • Mary Ann and her husband, March 2011, USA

    Publish the 23 January 2017
    Dear Assia, We are now back in France in the snow and cold with nothing left but fantastic memories of our trip to Morocco. The services you organized for us were top of the line. We liked the various kinds of accommodations. We both found the most beautiful guesthouse to be Mimi’s Kasbah inhabited by the owners, a fact that endows if with particular charm. But everywhere else we stayed was nice as well. The transfers were on time and the meals were excellent. Your itinerary thus pleased us very much and I think that for our next trip to Morocco, we will again call upon you for help. Best regards.
  • Brigitte and her family, July 2011, Switzerland

    Publish the 23 January 2017
    Hello Nadia, As promised, a little word to let you know that we spent a heavenly time in the Tikida Garden Hotel, we already want to return! Thank you for recommending this wonderful establishment! When it comes to excursions, we spent a fantastic day in the Ourika Valley. The restaurant “Le Maquis” was terrific with its home cooked meals, fresh produce, and warm welcome from the owner herself, truly a magical place! We very much appreciated the day spent on a historic tour of Marrakesh and its souks. Our guide was exceedingly charming, smiley, passionate and sophisticated. He taught us many things about the city and Moroccan culture. VThese are our overall very positive comments. We hope they will prove useful to you. If we end up coming back next year we will certainly require your services again. Thank you for everything and good luck in your future endeavours. Cordially.
  • Oliver and friends, June 2011, Belgium

    Publish the 23 January 2017
    Good Evening Karima, First off, I’d like to thank you and Morocco Like a Local for your enormous professionalism. Besides the beautiful riads that we stayed in during our tour of the imperial cities, we were especially impressed by your advice (and responsiveness) when we encountered transportation problems getting back. I can only recommend that other people wishing to travel to this magnificent country call upon the services of Morocco Like a Local. Cordially.
2016 ...
  • Julie and her family, May 2011, USA

    Publish the 28 August 2016
    Dear Assia, Just to thank you for arranging this trip at such short notice. The three of us thoroughly enjoyed the day, Abdul was very helpful and informative, lunch at the Auberge Najma was excellent and the family very friendly. A very enjoyable day and I will certainly use your company again and recommend you to anyone visiting Marrakech. Kind regards.
  • Claire and her partner, May 2011, France

    Publish the 28 August 2016
    Hello Karima, I had a wonderful and human adventure that surpassed my expectations. I feel like I was on the show “En terre inconnue” without Frederic Lopez... Experiences and encounters that I will never forget. I was wondering if we could have the contact information for our guide, Brahim, as I would love to stay in touch and maybe meet back up next year for more adventures. Thank you
  • Jean and his friends, April 2011, France

    Publish the 28 August 2016
    Dear Assia, Our trip was a total success warranting many thanks and congratulations from me and my travel companions. I am sending you by mail a postcard of our hometown and will undoubtedly come back to Morocco some day. All my best salutations. Thank you
  • Sumie, March 2011, Cyprus

    Publish the 13 June 2016
    Hi Sylvie, Sorry for the late reply, I'm back in Cyprus now. I had a lovely time in Bougmez valley, the weather was great and the scenery beautiful! the place we stayed was nice as well and they did great food. Thank you for an enjoyable trekking experience.
  • Stephanie, November 2010, Luxembourg

    Publish the 13 June 2016
    Hello Latifa, I had come to Morocco alone two years ago already. This time, I brought my eight year old daughter for a trek south of Tazzarine. We loved the professionalism of your agency. Our trip was very pleasant without any nasty surprises. I really appreciated discovering new Moroccan landscapes. I would like to thank all the members of the team who accompanied us on location for their general kindness and especially their watchful eye and protectiveness of my daughter. Our guide, Hassan, was very amiable, and enthusiastic about helping us to discover some of the riches of your beautiful country. He was also very helpful when I felt ill on the last night of our trek. Many thanks to him and also an honourable mention for our cook. We really liked the visit of the Kasbah de Tamenougalt on the way back to Ouarzazate. It was perfect.
  • Marc, Marie, Guillaume & Mathieu, October 2010, France

    Publish the 13 June 2016
    Hello Nadia, What we loved:
    • The trip’s originality
    • The truly splendid desert
    • The inventiveness of the team in making sure everything was perfect
    • A golden star for our cook
    • The easy legs, without too much waiting around
    • Youssef for his knowledge and humour
    Our only suggestion:
    • Improve upon the comfort of the camels’ saddles! We’ve heard that in other countries they are much cosier. A great trip all in all.
  • John, Helen, Paul & Carla, September 2010, London

    Publish the 13 June 2016
    Dear Mohamed, A big thank you for this magnificent experience. Reaching Toubkal’s peak was a fantastic accomplishment! Without your experience, encouragement, kindness and availability, our little family would never have made it. And the great little dishes and sweet sure kept up our morale!!! This “exploit” will forever be an unforgettable memory for us. You spoke often of Southern Morocco. Know that we are already making plans to come and discover it on the back of a camel! With you of course! Meanwhile, feel free to come see us in England any time A big thank you.