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Flowers in Chefchaouen, small town in northwest Morocco famous by its blue buildings©Anton Ivanov©

Travel guide

Here is a precious resource for your upcoming trip to Morocco. It has not been put together by some remote travel industry specialist, but by our team based on location in Marrakech! This morocco travel guide represents the product of dozens of years of experience, the fruit of the hundreds of trips put together by our local advisers and executed by our native guides. It would be an understatement to say that we know Morocco backwards and forwards! It is simply our country, and we hope this guide transmits both the extent of our knowledge of the terrain and our passion for what we do. 

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Where to go

To find out more about this country and to finally get an answer to the question of where to go in Morocco, consult our guidelines. Its iconic and legendary locations have helped to form its reputation: the gateway to the biggest desert in the world, the coastal cities that dot the Moroccan coastline for thousands of kilometres, and the country’s central region with the incomparable city of Marrakesh and its surroundings…discover the best and most interesting sights in Morocco!


The natural wonders and landscapes of Morocco have such a diversity and so much beauty that they imbue the country with an enchanted feel. Many Moroccan sites can be considered as unique if you take a trip to its western edge. From small creeks with blue water to large wild expanses, the beaches here are stunning and contribute to the country’s beauty. Elsewhere, sand dunes, oases and palm groves begin to encroach little by little as you reach the foothills of the Atlas mountains. This impressive mountainous massif is home to numerous national parks worthy of your exploration, and provides a breath of fresh air to those who love mountains and wide open spaces.

What to do

Morocco offers you plenty of options for tours, activities, stays and excursions. No doubt while you’re preparing for your trip, you’ll be asking yourself, what is there to do? Here, we suggest some of the amazing discoveries that are waiting for you, and how to find them: routes to explore that will unearth hidden marvels, the most awe-inspiring natural sites from sea to mountain, desert to valley, as you cover the miles and get to know this enigmatic country.

Tizi n Tichka mountain pass in High Atlas, Morocco
Roads to explore

Morocco is over-brimming with places to explore, acquaintances to make, visits to undertake, scenery to admire, and routes to travel along the twists and turns of mountainous terrain. These ...

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Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
Greatest discoveries

Travelling in the land of the setting sun, discover Morocco's best beaches from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean sea, the most memorable kasbahs that are witnesses to Moroccan heritage and ...

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A bike in the grass
Ways of exploring Morocco

How should you go about investigating this country? How can you uncover the alternative Morocco? Our travel guide provides all the advice and tips that you'll need. Morocco is undeniably an ideal ...

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4WD travel in Morocco

A few choice itineraries Get off the overcrowded tourist roads! By yourself, as a couple or with your family, travelling through Morocco with a 4WD vehicle is an adventure you won’t soon forget! ...

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A family trip to Morocco

Morocco with your tribe Morocco is a country full of surprises, ideal for family travel! Discover its incredible range of hikes adapted to any level of experience and cross the Atlas Mountains, ...

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Active travels in Morocco

Description With over 3000 kilometres of shoreline, the Atlas Mountain range and the Saharan south, Morocco has a landscape for every taste! In the winter, the mountains are covered in snow, and ...

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Discover Morocco from atop a camel's back A camel trip is the best way to discover Southern Morocco! At your mount’s pace (a particularly endearing animal), uncover all the secrets of the desert. ...

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Local discovery

To visit a country is to immerse yourself in its culture. Our travel guide gives you a little more about local discoveries not to be missed, to understand it in all its aspects: its ancestral traditions, its Berber culture, its spicy cuisine, its music and its religions. Take a plunge into the Moroccan world!