Discover Morocco from atop a camel’s back

A camel trip is the best way to discover Southern Morocco! At your mount’s pace (a particularly endearing animal), uncover all the secrets of the desert. Incredible landscapes are everywhere, from sandy dunes to rocky deserts, along gueltas and oases…Autumn is the best time to discover the Moroccan Sahara. The days are longer than in winter and the temperatures are always mild.

  • In your travels through southern Morocco, leave your modern vehicle behind and go back in time to the era of camel caravans in the Draa Valley. Between Agdz and M’Hamid, passing by Zagora, the oued marks a long fertile band in the middle of the Hamada, a huge desert limestone plateau. Through landscapes of flowering oases and palm groves you’ll make out the first dunes at the feet of the Jebel Bani (after about 5 hours).


  • From the slender crests of Jebel Bani, discover the Chegaga dunes and the golden sands of the Great Moroccan South. Let the old caravan routes carry you away along the immensity of the desert and the rocky outcrops and gueltas of the Mhasser oued. Beyond the gorges, the vast dunes of the Ebidliya erg extend as far as the eye can see. The hike continues south to the Naam oued, the old “Ostrich Valley”… (about 5h30min)


  • From Agadir, explore the area around Taroudant, to discover Berber culture in the villages of Taliouine, Tagouyamet, Ait Ighmour, Ait Tgga or Idghagh These mysterious and well-preserved lands will charm you along with their terrace cultures and saffron fields…


  • Starting at Tazzarine, under the shade of the acacias that grow along the Taghbalt oued, you’ll discover grandiose landscapes of oases and ksours. After 5 hours, you’ll set up your bivouac in the middle of the refreshing palm grove. This site is an ideal place to go off and discover Toubkal’s desert plateaus or the spectacular dunes of Foum Tizza.


  • Finally, from Merzouga you can explore the edges of the Chebbi erg. In this ochre desert, the monumental dunes move and change shape at the whim of the winds, offering travellers a colourful light show. The landscapes become wilder and wilder the further east you travel. From Jebel Iski to the Znaigui erg, in the shade of the tamarix trees. This five hour camel tour will bring you into the magical universe of the Saharan people…