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Morocco like a local is a local travel agency located in Marrakech.
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Are you looking for a local agency in Morocco to discover this country? Our local agency in Morocco is here to organize your stay. Composed of passionate professionals, our team will create tailor-made travel experiences and show you all the authenticity of Morocco and the generosity of the Moroccan people. Qualified thanks to their presence in the country, our agents use their knowledge and experience to put together a trip that lives up to your expectations.

Our agency Morocco like a local

Morocco like a local is a Moroccan travel agency founded in 2002. A local, French and English-speaking agency, we are based in Marrakech. We are officially licensed as a travel agency and bivouac organizer, and our team of native Moroccans or people who have fallen under the country’s spell, with a wealth of professional experience in the travel industry, can organize 100% tailor-made trips for our travelers.

Who are we? First and foremost, a team of people who are passionate about travel and our country! Through our profession, and because it’s our greatest desire, we’re able to share with you our experience and knowledge of Morocco. Every year, we take many of our customers on self-tours, treks, day trips or holidays. But to us, you are first and foremost our guests. We see you as friends, whom we accompany and support throughout your trip. Whether you’re coming with family, friends or as a romantic getaway, we’re keen to pass on our knowledge of the destination.

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In Morocco, hospitality is a must. We want to give you the keys to facilitating and deepening encounters, while respecting local customs and practices, because we are also committed to sustainable tourism, far from the excesses of mass tourism. Tourism should be an exchange, an experience that benefits everyone, and we propose to be the link between you and our country.

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Welcome to Morocco! And enjoy your trip!

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