Greatest discoveries

Travelling in the land of the setting sun, discover Morocco’s best beaches from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean sea, the most memorable kasbahs that are witnesses to Moroccan heritage and history, and the most spectacular hiking routes in the massif ranges – in other words, the best discoveries to make in Morocco!


The Most Beautiful Beaches in Morocco

With thousands of kilometres of coastline, Morocco benefits from a unique coastal advantage, with countless possibilities for holidays. Furthermore, being bordered in the north by the Mediterranean, and in the west by the Atlantic ocean, the country boasts beaches that are all as magnificent as each other. Whether it’s those with white sand, those with crystal-clear water, unspoilt or hidden beaches, or whatever, discovering them is essential for whoever goes travelling in the land of the setting sun.

Of its many beaches, we suggest these as the ones that are most worth a detour:
in the north on the banks of the Mediterranean, there are lots of little beaches and creeks with turquoise-blue water that continue to the point where the sea and the ocean meet, at the Straits of Gibraltar. If you’re passing through this region, stop for a while at the top of the steep cliffs to take a look at the straits. Further along the Moroccan coastline, the shores of the Atlantic stretch for nearly 2500 kilometres.

The sands of Temara are waiting for you between the capital city Rabat and Casablanca. Then in the surroundings of El Jadida, you’ll find the beach of Sidi Bouzid and the lagoon at Oualidia. Continuing southwards, on the coastal road not far from Agadir, you’ll find a white beach with perfect sand, the wildest and longest stretch in the country. Lastly, in the extreme south of Morocco, Dakhla, known for being the ideal spot for kite-surfers, thanks to its ideal location, will seduce you with its lagoon, its warm waters and its fine sand.

Between Rabat and Casablance, discover the delights of Temara: stretching along twenty-five kilometres of the coast, the “sand of gold” here is absolutely superb! Once in Casablanca, go for a walk along the cornice – you’ll find a succession of beaches, terraces with cafés and salt-water swimming pools. It’s a meeting-place for strollers, especially at sunset, although it’s quieter during the week.

Beyond Morocco’s most beautiful beaches, the country has a rich heritage and its kasbahs bear witness to that. On a visit to Morocco, plunge into a world of kashahs and discover its historic, cultural and spiritual gems!


The top Moroccan kasbahs

Over the summits and valleys of the Atlas ranges, along the coast or on the borders of the Grand Sud or the Great Atlantic South, visit these ancient palace-forts with their imposing ramparts, and they will bring to life the rich experiences at the heart of the most memorable Moroccan stories.

A kasbah, otherwise spelt as casbah, can be defined as the citadel and palace of a ruler, the highest and most fortified parts of a village, bearing witness to Morocco’s prestigious national heritage across the country. They exist in old imperial cities, preserving at their heart the priceless history of each kingdom, while those by the sea give a splendid view of the coast and the surrounding town. Other kasbahs will take you off the beaten track, are found in Berber villages or perched in the Atlas mountains.

For lovers of culture, history and architecture, the route of a thousand kasbahs will fully meet your expectations. In the south of the country, from Atlas to the gateway of the Sahara and passing fertile valleys, discover all along your way the majesty of the Moroccan kasbahs that add to the country’s influence throughout the world.

The kasbahs of important royal cities are absolutely incomparable! Concealed behind their powerful orange-coloured ramparts are all the vestiges of an imperial past. Whether it’s Rabat’s kasbah facing the ocean, or those of Marrakesh, Fez and Meknès that sit at the foot of the Atlas mountains, nowhere else possesses palaces and gardens that are more beautiful.

A country of sea, mountain and desert, Morocco is truly a paradise for walkers! Attempt to conquer the summits of Atlas, cross the valleys and gorges over gardens and waterfalls, or take a walk along the beaches of the Atlantic. Here is a small selection of unmissable hikes, through the awe-inspiring sites in the country!


Top Treks in Morocco

A country of sea, mountains, desert and valleys, Morocco boasts a great diversity of landforms and landscapes, so for travellers wanting the privilege of a walking tour, this is an inexhaustible playground. Or take a gentle seaside stroll to enjoy the sea breeze, wild beaches and nature reserves, and to explore the towns scattered around the coastline.

If you’re adventurous, or an outdoor enthusiast, embark on a trek in the mountainous Moroccan massifs to discover their national parks, and to get to know local populations. Hike as a family, with friends or as a couple, in the valleys, in the midst of forests and lush vegetation. Take a camel ride or a trip on foot to immerse yourself in the nomadic way of life at the edges of the Sahara desert, among palm groves and oases.