Our website has been redesigned! Our team is still the same, always ready to listen to you and create your own tailor-made trip.

Local expertise


For our knowledge of the country

Morocco is our country! We have in depth knowledge of its cities, mountains and deserts because we have lived there ourselves. Similarly, because we’ve stayed there ourselves, we are familiar with most Moroccan accommodations. For those of which we recommend to our clients, we have longstanding relationships of trust and friendship with the owners. Our team of accredited mountain guides has been sharing their knowledge of the Atlas and the Moroccan South for years. For all these reasons and more, we are specialist of Morocco and the most qualified to help you design and carry out the trip of your dreams.

For our un beatable prices

Being on location we are notably less expensive than a foreign travel agency. Our strong relationships with our hoteliers and suppliers guarantee the best prices. Most of the time, you’ll notice that we offer the same prices as if your booked directly through the hotels.

For our availibity on location

Once you get to Morocco, we will give you a phone number to reach us 7/7. We are always at your disposal to deal with any problem that pops up or if you simply need advice. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of this service!

You can also distribute this number to your loved ones back at home so that we can get them in touch with you quickly during your travels.

For your transfers on location

You are in Marrakech and you want to go to Essaouira, but you don’t want to rent a car and you don’t trust a taxi? We’ll take you there! We can organize transfers from city to city, airport to hotel, over the entire Moroccan territory, in a saloon car (sedan) or 4WD if necessary. A reliable service, it is often less expensive than last minute improvisation.

For our car rental rates

How to choose between the numerous car rental offerings? How will you know if its better to rent a two or four wheel drive vehicle? With or without a driver? Air conditioning or not? GPS? Not so simple after all...Because we are specialist of Morocco, we know all routes and trails like the back of our hand, we will be able to make all these decisions to match your specific holiday...as well as your budget. We work with a Moroccan car rental agency and you will benefit from the best quality available on the market for your money. They can be picked up and returned in most of the countries’ cities.

For our wonderful guides

In Marrakech, Fes, Meknes and other big cities with vast cultural offerings, there is nothing like a knowledgeable guide to decode the complicated history and take you back to the past, promote interactions with locals, give you great advice for the rest of your trip and send hawkers packing.

!because we are specialist of Morocco, we want to only work with the best! Don’t hesitate to ask us for a guide. We will hire one for the day and you are guaranteed to have a pleasant companion as well as a valuable resource to enrich your visit tenfold. English and French speaking guides available.

With our guides, you can't go wrong!

To promote sustainable and fair tourism

We are very serious about protecting nature and respecting all administrative laws:

- All of our employees are on salary.
- We only employ accredited and trained personnel (guides, cooks, assistants…)
- We work with suppliers who conform to the letter to all rules (VAT, insurance...)
- On our circuits, we deal with rubbish in the most ecological manner possible, and try to save water and wood.
- To enhance the appreciation of all of the necessity for respect for local traditions and ways of life.

For logistics in tune with you needs

All of our cars are recent (Toyota Land Cruiser, minibus) with accredited and experienced drivers, and a solid partnership with our Moroccan car rental agency. This guarantees reliability and safety for you. On site, all of our mountain guides have certified and constantly watch over the quality of the material. Our private camps are heavenly and ally comfort and quality in stunning settings.

For our charming camp sites

South of Ouarzazate we run two beautiful camps set up in the desert and totally autonomous. These are quality accommodations and one of a kind in this setting. They will allow you to live an authentic desert experience without sacrificing your comfort.

We also have private luxury camps that we can set up wherever you’d like. In the Atlas, in the Sahara or at the edge of the ocean.

For our reliability

We are an officially recognized travel agency, allowing us to exercise our activities as such, to organize stays, excursions and fixed or migrant bivouacs. In accordance with the legislation that regulates our industry, we are assured with civil liability. We also offer our clients a secure online payment service with minimal charges. Likewise, with the GAN, we offer insurance contracts to cover potential cancellation fees and your trip.

Our Guarantees

Local expertise
Tailor-made experience
Secure payment
Responsible engagement
Personalize your holidays in Morocco
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