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The team of Morocco like a local has always been made up of lovers of Moroccan culture and nature. And we're happy to take you on a tour of our magnificent country, which is worth discovering and rediscovering.

But how can you combine a trip to Morocco with respect for the environment? How can we experience the paradox of being open to the world through travel, of loving and respecting the planet and at the same time influencing it?

We take this subject very seriously. That's why we work every day with our local service providers and the bynativ community to offer you ever more responsible travel. Here are our commitments in this respect.

COMMITMENT #1 - Traveling Differently

The number of travelers continues to grow every year, and although the world is a big place, many of us want to visit the same places at the same time. However, the planet is full of natural and cultural wonders that travelers have yet to discover and are waiting to be discovered by the more adventurous.
At Greece like a local, we are committed to helping you discover our country in a different way, for example, by suggesting that you follow alternative itineraries, visit more confidential places, try out original experiences or travel outside the most popular tourist periods. Above all, don't hesitate to let us know how you'd like to travel "off the beaten track": as our trips are 100% tailor-made, the possibilities are endless.You'll be amazed at our team's creativity!

COMMITMENT #2 - Working with local players

Morocco like a local is now a member of bynativ, the community of local travel agencies. Behind this name lies a promise: to put locals at the heart of our business.

This means that your trip will be organized from start to finish by local teams, experts in the destination and keen to help you discover the best of their country. After all, who better to create your trip and advise you than someone who lives there and knows the destination inside out?

This has one essential consequence: as all operations are carried out locally - from the initial inquiry to the actual execution of your trip - Greece like a local has a direct and real impact on the country's local economy and employment. In this way, locally produced tourism effectively benefits the country and its people.

COMMITMENT #3 - Limiting CO2 impact

It's one thing to discover new and confidential places, it's quite another not to damage them, because the risk is real and we don't want to displace the problem. By joining the bynativ community, Morocco like a local is committed to making its travelers aware of their ecological impact. To this end, a traveler's ethical charter is systematically shared, and advice is of course provided by our guides and local advisors once on site.

Even more concretely, we are working alongside bynativ to absorb all CO2 emissions from flights purchased via the booking engine available on the bynativ.com website. Based on the calculation method used by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Énergie), we donate the equivalent of our travelers' carbon footprint to the Insolite Bâtisseur Philippe Romero foundation. This trusted intermediary absorbs the carbon from flights by financially supporting reforestation associations that have been validated by international standards and certified by experts. A drop in the ocean, perhaps, but one that proves our strong, transparent commitment to making a difference.

To learn more about the social and environmental actions we support, visit the Insolite Bâtisseur Philippe Romero Foundation website.

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