bynativ guarantees

Morocco Like A Local is a member of the bynativ community.

What is bynativ?
bynativ is a community bringing together incoming travel agencies from around the world which are carefully selected to meet strict criteria. This means bynativ is a partner of Morocco Like A Local France. Thanks to this partnership, by choosing Morocco Like A Local for your next trip to Morocco you can enjoy additional bynativ services such as consumer protection under French law and online payment.


Agencies around the world….

bynativ is a community which brings agencies from all over the world together. Although they are some distance from each other, these agencies have common values and ethics: they want to share their passion for their country, show you its heritage and give you an unforgettable experience.


…carefully selected…

bynativ represents handpicked agencies with the following characteristics:
• English-speaking local agents who are easy to contact.
• Excellent country knowledge so original trips and exclusive experiences can be put together.
• An ability to really hear what the customer has to say and adapt accordingly to create a trip to suit them.
bynativ’s requires local agencies to demonstrate expertise and professionalism to ensure travellers in the community are satisfied with their experience.


…to provide full support

bynativ supports travellers throughout the whole travel process for total peace of mind. This is why it offers additional quality services such as international flight bookings, visa applications, travel insurance and personalised health advice.
You can enjoy the best of both worlds: local agencies who create bespoke itineraries and an international community to look after you as you travel!

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