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Travel agency offering payment by instalment

So you’ve finally been given the perfect itinerary for your trip to Morocco? There are a just a few more important things to do before you can jet off on your new adventure.
Payment is one such thing. However, this can be contentious, especially when international payment is required with associated transfer fees, extra security measures, slowness and other issues often arising. To avoid such problems, Morocco Like A Local offers secure and reliable online payment. Just log into your customer area to proceed.

Your personal customer area.

Let’s go through things step by step. Your adviser will start by making a range of suggestions. Then, one day, things come together and they suggest THE perfect trip. When you enthusiastically agree to their quote, they will give you access to your personal customer area online. This area is just for you and can be accessed whenever you like with the unique login details we provide.
We suggest you log in regularly so you can view your final approved quote, registration form, travel insurance, our terms and conditions and any services still to be paid for. All these documents will be useful before, during and after your trip, especially for payment.
To make what can often be a time-consuming and complex process easier, we have partnered with reliable platform Paybox to simplify your future online payments.

Paybox: our trusted partner

Paybox is a payment platform with an excellent reputation because of its reliability, security and efficiency.
Because we want to make payment even more secure we also use the 3D Secure system. 3D Secure is a secure payment system which only authorises transactions when you confirm your identity.

How does it work?

It's simple. Services requiring payment are displayed in your customer area. When you click “Pay”, you will be redirected to the Paybox site. When the page opens you will need to enter your card number, its expiry date and the CVV (the last three digits on the back). Shortly after you confirm this information you will receive a text message containing a PIN code which you will need to enter on the Paybox page to approve your payment.

Choose whether to pay in full or in instalments

Looking for a travel agency that will allow you to pay in several instalments? With Morocco Like A Local you can. One payment or several payments? It's up to you! A 35% deposit is required to complete your registration and confirm your booking. At this point you can choose to just pay the deposit or to pay for your trip in full.
If you decide to pay in instalments you will need to settle the balance 35 days before departure and a handy email reminder will be sent two days before payment is due.

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