Who can take care of my flights?

Unfortunately, as a local travel agency, we cannot book your flights for you. You will have to look online where you find interesting offers all year long. Many companies fly to Morocco, to many destination such as Marrakech, Agadir, Casablanca and Ouarzazate.

Note: the earlier you book your flights, the cheaper they will be! When you buy last minute, you rarely get the best price.

What are the conditions for renting a vehicle?

> Credit card to make a deposit.
> Must have had a valid driver’s license for over two years.
> Minimum age of 21

If you will be requiring a car seat for a child or baby, please be sure to let us know in your enquiry.

Is a 4WD necessary to travel in Morocco through southern part?

No, there are excellent paved roads that will allow you to drive through this region and reach the Sahara. A 4WD vehicle will however allow you to get off the roads and onto some less frequented trails, as well as access our charming camps. Intimacy and tranquillity must be earned…

Are the roads in good shape to travel in Morocco?

The Moroccan road network improves in quality every year. Investments by the state have had a noticeable impact the last couple of years: the motorways have been developing and it is now quicker and easier than ever to get between Morocco’s major cities. They are not free, but the toll fees are reasonable compared to those in Europe.

Ex : Marrakech – Casablanca : 67 dhs (env 6 euros)

Even as most of the south becomes easier and easier of access, the Atlas remains difficult to access in its entirety. All the more reason to discover it on a trek! The road signs are in both Arabic and Latin characters and are everywhere so it is hard to get lost, especially with a GPS. The interior trails don’t open until as late as mid-June (sometimes later) and a 4WD vehicle is necessary for driving on them. Speed on paved roads is limited to 90km/h, but you should adapt this speed to the road conditions: snow and ice in the winter, reduced visibility, strong winds, no shoulder on the road, one way bridges, potholes, animals on the side of the road, winding roads etc…On the motorway the speed limit is 120 km/h. In cities, the speed is generally restricted to 60km/h.

Is a camel back tour for everyone?

Almost everyone! We do not allow children under 4 years of age. For beginners, each camel is attached to the one in front of its and on the saddle you’ll have a pommel to hang on to. You are not at all obliged to ride all the time and can easily alternate walking and riding.

Camel drivers guide the creatures and will be very helpful during the two most difficult (but also the most amusing) steps: when the camel stands up and sits back down!

How to take a Taxi?

There are two kinds of taxis to travel in Morocco:
> The little “petit” city taxis accept a maximum of three people. They can be found everywhere in major metropolitan areas, and are easy to recognize as they are a different colour in every city (Beige in Marrakech, red in Agadir, blue in Essaouira, etc…). The fee is by meter (demand that the meter be turned on and be firm about this): from 6 dhs to 15dhs on average. After 20:00, the prices become more elevated.
> The big “grand” taxis are used for transfers between cities. They are often Mercades of the same colour imposed by the little taxis. They can hold up to 6 passengers and do not have meters. This means you must barter and settle on a price before entering the vehicle.