Taroudant “the peaceful”

The ramparts of Taroudant rise in the middle of the Sous Valley, between the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas. With its many gardens and patios, Taroudant is one of Southern Morocco’s most beautiful cities. During your travels in the Anti-Atlas, take advantage of this exquisite region, little known to tourists.
Thanks to its historical trade in indigo, sugar and cotton, the beaming city of Taroudant tempted many conquerors. In a setting of subtle charms the medina seems to have changed very little since these times. Over this peaceful city float the memories of a flourishing past first Almohad, then Marinid and Saadien, Portuguese and French.

Visiting Taroudant

  • To discover the nine gates of the city of Taroudant, you must tour the ramparts that contain the medina. The oldest gate, Bab El Kasbah, offers a beautiful view over the Pasha’s Kasbah and Taroudant’s gardens. A walk of a thousand fragrances, this is a great place to wait for the sunset.
  • Tour Taroudant’s souks and discover the treasures hidden in the medina’s little street front stalls. The Arab souk extends along the rue Bin-Anzarane: near the antique market. Here you’ll find superb jewellery and silver objects of great intricacy. At the end of this road is the Berber souk on An-Nasr square, where you can find all kinds of local artisanal products. You must absolutely discover: the herbalists, the merchants of olives and honey.
  • The old-city hides numerous curiosities: at the city’s western extremity near the Bab Targhount gate, you can visit Taroudant’s tannery and learn everything there is to know about how leather is made. The workshops feed little boutiques whose prices are very enticing! Don’t miss the very original boutique, Chez Baba where you will find hand bags and sandals of every shape and colour.

Around Taroudant

  • In the direction of Ouarzazate, discover the Jebel Siroua at the junction in the roads to Zagora, Marrakech and the Dades Valley. The highest point of the Anti-Atlas, this ancient volcano offers beautiful contrasting panoramas. In this rocky setting of shades of ochre and silver, your view will plunge down to the verdant valleys below. This wild paradise is dotted with picturesque villages, with terrace plantations and vast saffron fields. Immerse yourself in the Berber culture in the villages of Taliouine, Tagouyamet, Aït Ighmour, Idghagh ou Aït Tgga…You’ll fall under the charms of these secret and preserved lands and the colours of the precious spices that are grown here.
  • About twenty kilometres from Taroudant, discover the splendours of the Tiout palm grove, a garden of colours at the foot of a kasbah. Along the irrigation canals (seguias), orchards flourish here and there are many orange trees, date trees, pomegranate trees, and carob trees. A bit further, walkers will have an unrestricted view over the corn, barley and wheat fields. Nicknamed “the garden of delights”, Tiout is a marvel of freshness and light!

Practical information

Taroudant is 70 kilometres east of Agadir and about a hundred kilometres from Tafraout. To get there, take a big shared taxi at Bab Zorgane, or a bus from the main bus station.