The palm groves of Thinghir

In the heart of the Todra Valley, between the High Atlas and the Jebel Sahro, extends the magnificent palmeraie of Tinghir. The city, an old French garrison, is built around a rock outcrop and dominated by the ruins of the ancient Glaoui palace. When travelling in the Todra region you must stop Tinghir to walk along its flowered gardens, ksours and Kasbahs.

Visiting Tinghir

  • Unfortunately, the Glaoui’s Kasbah, perched on a rocky outcrop is not open for visit. It is still a great place to enjoy a panoramic view over the rooftops of Tinghir and the Todra palm grove. It is 500 m north of downtown on the route towards Erfoud and Errachidia.
  • The kasbah of sheikh Basou Ou-Ali, in the southern part of the town on Bir Anzarane avenue, houses a small museum where beautiful photographs of the surroundings are exhibited, allowing travellers to see all of southern Morocco’s most beautiful ksours in a matter of minutes.
  • The Aït el Haj Ali district is Tinghir’s old Mellah; its narrow streets are lined with high adobe dwellings, it has preserved for centuries the authentic atmosphere of Southern Moroccan villages. Let yourself be drawn in by the mazes of alleyways to meet artisanal weavers and bazaars. You’ll find this neighbourhood south of the Ziad Ouhmad, square near the Fokani souk.

Excursions around Tinghir

  • From Tinghir, take to Er-Rachidia road then follow the trail of the palmeraie. After you’ve passed a succession of hamlets and ksours, you’ll arrive at the village of El Hart, widely known for its excellent pottery artisans who work with the valley’s ochre earth. This is a charming place where you can pick out some superb objects (dishes, decorative objects, etc.).
  • If you’re travelling to Tinghir, a visit to the Todra palmeraie is a must! Snaking along the Oued over 12 km to the spring of Poissons sacrés (holy fish), you can see it by car, but athletic types should be sure to tackle it on foot. In the oued’s bed, the landscape takes the shape of a multicoloured checkerboard, from cereal fields to vegetable gardens, to palm and olive groves. You can discover the little villages of the valley or just soak in the views. On foot the walk will take you around three hours.
  • From the Holy Fish (Poissons sacrés) spring, you’ll be able to enter the Todra Gorges, where a number of spectacular excursions can be undertaken.


Only 50 km from Boumalne Dades, it is worth making a detour to Tinghir during your Moroccan stay. The city is a two hour drive from the airports of Ouarzazate and Errachidia.