The Todra Gorges

The Todra valley

Discover the Todra Valley, an exceptional setting off the beaten track! As you walk through this immense oasis, you come face to face with stunning landscapes of canyons and verdant gorges. About fifty kilometres from the Dades gorges, the valley extends between the High Atlas to the north and the Jebel Sahro to the south. It has kept a number of its ksours and kasbahs, and they line the oued reaching out above the tops of the palm trees and date trees that are home to hers of sheep and goats, the valley dweller’s only riches.

Excursions in the Todra gorges

    • Venture to the bottom of the gorges all the way to the river’s edge. Many trails will lead you to the feet of these vertical cliffs. When hiking in the region, you’ll meet the shepherds of Todra as well as the various nomadic tribes. You can also keep an eye out for the numerous species of rare birds that populate the area including eagles and doves.
    • If you have rented a car, you can drive up a trail to Tamtetoucht. This little Berber village is settled on a verdant plateau overlooking the Todra Gorges and from it the views are stunning! A 4WD excursion will then take you to the heart of the Dades Valley. Head off in the direction of M’Semrir crossing a breathtaking mineral landscape to the Aguerd N’Zegzdoun mountain pass (2600m). From M’Semrir you’ll follow the route that descends to the bottom of the Dades Gorges to Boulmane Dades which will take one hour (60km).
    • From M’Semrir you can also choose to head north towards the village of Imilchil, on the peaks of the High Atlas (2200m). It is about a six hour drive, but you will be rewarded once you arrive: the region’s landscapes are as spectacular as they are varied, snow-capped peaks, lakes and forests…From here you can take the Agoudal trail through the Tizi N’Ouano mountain pass, allowing you to rejoin Tinghir.

Practical information

The Todra Valley is about 180 km north east of Ouarzazate. To take full advantage of all the possibilities the gorges have to offer, we would recommend renting a 4WD vehicle.