Ways of exploring Morocco

How should you go about investigating this country? How can you uncover the alternative Morocco? Our travel guide provides all the advice and tips that you’ll need.

Morocco is undeniably an ideal solution for family holidays. It offers a wide variety of activities, places to discover, the outdoors to explore, people to get to know…it’s a destination for young and old. But it’s more: a visit to Morocco is an opportunity to enjoy the culture and tradition of the country. So why not try travelling by camel? Alternatively, for an adrenaline-filled adventure, you could hire your own 4×4 instead to tackle some of the routes across Morocco, for a journey to your own rhythm and with total freedom.


As a Family

Morocco is a country that’s full of surprises, and great for family travel! Discover the extensive network of hiking trails for those of all abilities, and cross the exceptional landscapes of Atlas, of the coast and of the Moroccan desert! Memorable experiences to satisfy all ages are just waiting for your arrival.

Moroccan towns have something enchanting, almost magical, about them. To plunge into the heart of their medinas is to immerse yourself in their world, and to embrace it in all its facets. Each Moroccan town has its own attractions and knows how to present them to tourists.

On the Moroccan coasts, there are lots of other activities and hobbies that you can pursue as a family: ride the length of the beach on camel-back, hire a boat or encounter turtles and dolphins at sea.

Or to discover the fun side of the country and to immerse yourselves in the nomadic way of life, there’s nothing like climbing onto a camel’s back, swaying in time to its steps, and admiring the dunes that stretch out in front of you as far as the eye can see.


By camel

Leave behind modern modes of transport in the shape of cars and 4x4s, and go back to an ancestral kind – the camel. Join a caravan train and embrace a special way of life. Like a true nomad, roam the land with your beast, camping in the open or sleeping in a authentic nomad’s tent. These are unique experiences for you to live through!

From southern Morocco, by way of the Drâa valley to the dunes at Chegaga and the majesty of Erg Chebbi, and from Taroudant to isolated Berber villages, there is so much to discover from the back of your animal. If you want to know more, delve into the full text of our article on camel tours through Morocco.

If that isn’t for you, a 4×4 is the ideal form of transport for travel in Morocco. leave behind the made-up roads of popular tourist routes! Alone, as a couple or as a family, to cross Morocco in a 4×4 is an adventure that you’ll never forget!


By 4×4

Driving will make each route or local track a challenge. The perfect mode of transport to tackle all the uneven Moroccan countryside, your 4×4 will bring you to preserved and unspoilt locations. Your tour is tailored according to your whims and wishes, as well as to your budget and travel time. But if you want to make the most of the coastal routes, the horse-tracks, the paths that criss cross towards the mountain, a trip by 4×4 promises to provide adventure and adrenalin throughout your discovery of Morocco.