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Visiting Dakhla

On the edge of the Atlantic, the city of Dakhla is built on the 40 km long peninsula that forms the bay of Rio de Oro. A haven of peace between lagoon and ocean, Dakhla is 400km from the Mauritanian border and the gates of the Western Sahara. Visit Dakhla to discover the most beautiful seascapes of southern Morocco! On your agenda: swimming and fishing, relaxing and feasting, walking and outdoor activities! A small port of simple charms, it was built in the colonial era at the mouth of Oued Eddahab, the river of gold. This pretty city was then names, Villa Cisneros. A place of cultural exchange, the city of Dakhla has definitively earned its place as a world class fishing and surfing spot.

Dakhla’s beaches

There are hundreds of kilometres of deserted beaches both north and south of Dakhla that wait to be discovered! Start by a little open sea excursion to discover dolphins and sea turtles! On the ocean side, check out Foum el Bouir, the surfers’ beach. Very near the city, (about 6 km) this is also a great place to go for walks. Not far from here, head to la Pointe du dragon: a site known by athletes around the world for its water sports centre; Dakhla Attitude. Further south, don’t miss the Puertito beach, a superb expanse of white sand and the beach of Porto Rico, and ideal place to set up a Saharan bivouac.

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Walks and day trips out of Dakhla

Go explore Henre Island (island of the dragon), one of Dakhlas many geologic curiosities. Accessible by foot on mow tide, you’ll find many interesting seashells in this fascinating place!

On the road that leads to Mauritania, 30 km from Dakhla, discover the white dune, a surprising natural phenomenon rising in the middle of the lagoon. This is also a gathering place for flamingos. Go for a 4WD safari, after 20 minutes of trails around the bay, you’ll discover sites that will take your breath away!

Visit the Island of Majdouline: hunt for beautiful seashells and recharge your batteries with a white argyle bath!

Discover more natural treatments at the Asmaa spring by taking advantage of its hot sulphuric waters in this desert setting.

Foodies will not miss a visit to the oyster farms around Dakhla where you can sample the product on location!

Finally, for a day of excitement, choose an excursion away from the city towards the Moroccan desert. Meet shepherds and their herds of camels and sheep. The region is ideal for camping in bivouacs.

Practical information

The weather is mild all year long: generally sunny, the temperatures float between 20 and 30° C during the day. The constant wind is both pleasant and refreshing. It causes fish to come closer to shore and delights surfers!

If you happen to be in Morocco in February, don’t miss the Dakhla Sea and Desert Festival, a yearly reunion of leading athletes and artists. On the agenda: music and singing, windsurfing, surf, kite surfing, and many other surprises.

Dakhla can be reached by place and the airport is 5km from down-town. Unless you are driving a car, it is certainly wise to opt for flying as Dakhla is located 524 km from Laâyoune, 842 km from Tan Tan to the south and 1700 km from Casablanca to the north.

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