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Tazzarine, “where men meet”

At the feet of the Jebel Sahro and the Anti-Atlas Mountains, the little city of Tazzarine has luch to offer. Behind its gates, it shelters marvellous gardens brimming with henna, palm trees and aromatic plants. Go for a camel safari in the beige sand deserts in a landscape dotted with black shale and oases. Around Tazzarine, there are a number of excursions to choose from
At the edge of the desert, Tazzarine also happens to be only a few kilometres from the Draa Valley. This advantageous location made it an obvious stop on the gold salt and sugar caravan routes. When walking through the surrounding area, you can discover the mysteries of its ancient kasbahs, ksours and marabouts, all silently testifying to the prosperous past the region knew for centuries. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Tazzarine protect a tremendously rich cultural heritage!

A visit to Tazzarine

Discover Tazzarine’s secret gardens, a sweet evasion in the shade of the douars and palm trees of the medina. The walk will take you along marabouts and ksours: if you have enough time, hire a guide to teach you about the customs of the region or the ancient legends of the desert caravans…

To reach the medina from Tazzarine’s western entrance, you must cross the bridge over the oued, and then take the path on your left. Then stop at the nearby village of Aït Ouazick: it hides a large number of stone carvings, relics of a time when the Sahara was inhabited by gazelles, ostriches and elephants.

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Excursions around Tazzarine

When travelling around Tazzarine, an excursion to the dunes of Foum Tizza and Beraghwa is always in order! On foot or on the back of a camel, this expedition can last either a day or two, depending on the itinerary you choose. It will take you the middle of a rocky expanse where gigantic sand dunes rise majestically. Spend the night in a bivouac at the peak of these mountains of sand, or in charming desert campsite, even if only to witness the beautiful sunset…an experience you won’t soon forget!

For a desert trek, head south following in the footsteps of the Aït Atta nomads towards Foum Z’guid, Beraghwa, Foum Tizza, or Serdrar…In the south-west, you’ll discover an immense desert plateau in the middle of which stands the Zagora cliff, a stunning vertical mountain crest!

Besides the stunning landscapes that they offer travellers, the sands of the desert around Tazzarine are appreciated for their therapeutic virtues. Sand baths are available from the end of May to the end of July.


80 km east of Agdz (1h), it will take around two and a half hours of driving to get to Tazzarine from Ouarzazate or Zagora.

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